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From:gregor gede Date:July 26 2002 2:23am
Subject:inner join query don't work
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hi what's wrong with this query? is it because mysql
doesn't support multiple table selection? I use

SELECT Buku.Judul_Buku, Buku.ISBN, Buku.Kolasi,
Buku.Abstraksi, Pengarang.Pengarang,
Penerbit.Penerbit, Jenis_Buku.Jenis, Subjek.Subjek 
FROM Buku, Pengarang_Buku, Pengarang, Penerbit,
Jenis_Buku, Subjek_Buku, Subjek 
WHERE Buku.ID_Buku = Pengarang_Buku.ID_Buku and
Pengarang_Buku.No_Pengarang = Pengarang.No_Pengarang
and  Buku.No_Penerbit = Penerbit.No_Penerbit and
Buku.No_Jenis_Buku = Jenis_Buku.No_Jenis_Buku and
Buku.ID_Buku = Subjek_Buku.ID_Buku and
Subjek_Buku.No_Subjek = Subjek.No_Subjek and
Buku.Judul_Buku like  '%pascal%' and
Pengarang.Pengarang like '%$lukito%' and Subjek.Subjek
like '%$computer%'

than's a lot.

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