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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 26 2002 2:22am
Subject:Re: 4.0.2 not found
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In the last episode (Jul 25), Darren Young said:
> I am in the process of testing out the 4.0 series of MySQL and am having
> some problems when I try to install the php-mysql RPM. The machine is a
> RedHat 7.2 i386 box with all current patches.
> I pulled down the source RPM for 4.0.2-2 and rebuilt the RPM's with debug
> enabled then installed all the necessary RPM's. Everything seems to be
> working ok on the MySQL side except that php is asking for
> and the only library installed with MySQL-shared is
> I tried a manual symlink from to
> and the php-mysql still complains that the library
> isn't present. I installed the php-mysql RPM with --nodeps just to test it
> out and sure enough I get 'Call to undefined function: mysql_pconnect' which
> is the same message you receive if you don't install the MySQL-shared RPM in
> the 3.0 series.
> I tried adding /usr/lib & /usr/lib/mysql  /etc/ and ran ldconfig
> which yielded the same results. Any thoughts on how I could get this library
> in place with 4.0.2?

The php you installed is linked to the mysql 3.23 shlibs.  Rebuild php
so it gets linked to the new lilbrary.

	Dan Nelson
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