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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 25 2002 9:50pm
Subject:Re: Starting on Windows 2000 Server
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>I just downloaded the binaries. I have followed the installation
>instructions. Have run the command "mysqld-max-nt --install-manual " and
>checked the service panel and MySql is installed as a service. However when
>I either try to start the service in the service panel or issue the command
>"net start mysql" I get the following error message
>" Could not start the MySQL service in local computer. Error 3 The System
>cannot find the path specified. "
>Per the documentation my.ini file is in the WINNT directory and reads:
># set basedir to installation path, e.g., c:/mysql
># set datadir to location of data directory,
># e.g., c:/mysql/data or d:/mydata/data

Change the values to the actual locations of your MySQL installation
directory and data directory.

>Thanks for any help.
>Andrew Wheeler
>Phone 415-627-2054
>email  awheeler@stripped

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