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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 25 2002 7:44pm
Subject:Re: how to retrieve data from two table?
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Dermot Paikkos wrote:

>I have be scratching my head with this for a few days.
>I want to select data from 2 tables conditionally. 1 table has users, 
>the other times relating to the users. I want to create a query that 
>will select the user from the users table and if they have any time 
>data against them (for that day) return that also. If there is not data 
>for that day only the user data should be returned.
>If I do:
>FROM users u LEFT OUTER JOIN times t
>ON ( 
>WHERE = 22;
>I get:
>Which I could work with but once I add "AND = (current_date)
AND  ( = (current_date) or IS NULL )

>I get 0 records returned and I need the an users.surname.
>Can anyone think of a way round this?
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