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From:Patrick Ethier Date:August 27 1999 9:11pm
Subject:MySQL Server crashes on a DELETE command.
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Hi Everybody,

 I tried to use the mysqlbug thingy but it refused to work properly.
Here is the problem in a nutshell:

 1- My Database has a table that contains a WORD/FILEID table. I am
building a search engine for my sites.(I know there are some available
out there, but I need it for something VERY specific).

2- I'm using perl with DBI/DBD. My perl script is very simple(I've
isolated this portion of code into a script and it still crashes)
  my $dbh = DBI->connect($dsn,$user,$password);
  my $SQL = "DELETE from WORDS where WORD = ?";
  my $sth = $dbh->prepare($SQL);

 I fetch a list of words to omit....

 foreach $bad(@words)
    $sth->execute($bad) || die "Error deleting word $bad with message

3- I have 165,000 words in my table
    I figured it might be a DBI thing so I executed the queries from the
mysql app. It worked, but the computer crashed 10 seconds after exiting
the mysql app.

4- This used to work when I had 40,000 records.

5- I single step through the process by adding an input statement right
before the execute command and it still crashes.

 That's basically it. By crashing, I mean that the Telnet session drops
and that the server suddenly goes into the debugger. I'm using OpenBSD
2.5 on and Intel PIII 450 with 128Mb's of RAM. My disk space is MORE
than sufficient(28 gigs) and I have a 500M swap file installed.

 We've tried a zillion things and are baffled. It seems that the TOP
command sees the safe_mysqld take more and more CPU resource and tops
off at 114% and then crashes. While single stepping, this fluctuated so
we figure this is probably not the problem.

 We'd appreciate any help "anyone" can offer on this.....


 Patrick Ethier
 Software Development
 SecureOps Inc.

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MySQL Server crashes on a DELETE command.Patrick Ethier27 Aug
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