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From:Jon Frisby Date:July 24 2002 10:49pm
Subject:RE: Primary and Foreign Keys in MySQL
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I'm assuming you have AUTO_INCREMENT columns in each table?

Try this:

INSERT INTO TABLE1A(table1_id, ...) VALUES(@t1id, ....);
INSERT INTO TABLE1B(table1_id, ...) VALUES(@t1id, ....);


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> Subject: Primary and Foreign Keys in MySQL
> Hello,
> I am working on MySQL database. I have come across a 'problem' 
> but don't know 
> how to get around that. The problem is the following:
> I have a table, say TABLE1, with primary key being called as table1_id. 
> Now there are other tables, like TABLE1A, TABLE1B, TABLE1C etc.. 
> where I want to 
> use primary key of TABLE1 (i.e table1_id) as foreign key. I see a 
> problem in 
> using the function LAST_INSERT_ID(). Lets say I use it to insert 
> a record in 
> TABLE1A, that will work fine. But now if I use it to put a record 
> in TABLE1B it 
> would give me the primary key ID of TABLE1A rather than TABLE1. 
> Please help me 
> out on this.
> Aamer 
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