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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 23 2002 8:38pm
Subject:Re: MySQL databases lost?
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In the last episode (Jul 23), Greg Westin said:
> My MySQL databases appear to have been overwritten somehow, and I am
> very distressed about this.  Please tell me that there is a way to
> recover this data.
> I am using Mac OS X, and recently upgraded to PHP 4.2.  I have been
> accessing MySQL from PHP and phpMyAdmin for a while, occasionally
> using the command line as well.  I don't recall making and dramatic
> changes to any of these files recently.
> When I went to my web site today, I saw the error message 'could not
> select database'.  When I checked out the databases in MySQL, this is
> what I got:
> mysql> show databases;
> +---------------------+
> | Database            |
> +---------------------+
> | CarbonUFSVolumeInfo |
> | mnta                |
> | mntb                |
> | vi.recover          |
> +---------------------+
> 4 rows in set (0.04 sec)

Someone else reported a similar problem a month or so ago.  Somehow
mysql changed directories into /var/tmp/ and is listing those
directories as databases.  Restart mysqld and everything will be back
to normal.  If you can reproduce it, file a mysql bug so the developers
can fix it.
	Dan Nelson
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