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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 23 2002 1:09pm
Subject:Re: password stuff
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Cindy wrote:

>I seem to be destined to become an expert on restarting mysql and
>dealing with passwords despite myself :-).  This time I'm working on a
>slight variation: restarting mysql on a machine that we haven't been
>using for some 18 months and that I myself have never used.
>Mysql appears to be installed on it, but no one remembers its root
>password.  Now, if I understand this correctly:
>  a) If you've never installed a root password (ie, you've hopefully
>  just installed it), then you can start it up with safe_mysql
>  --user=mysql & and then use mysqladmin -u root password "whatever"
>  to set it.
>  b) BUT if previously set, this does not work.  If you don't remember
>  the password, then you need to stop the mysql server (if
>  applicable), and (re)start it using safe_mysqld --skip-grant-tables
>  & [and then presumably change the password, stop that insecure
>  server & restart normally with --user]
>But when I do the latter (since that is the situation I have), it's
>still asking for a password when I start up mysqladmin and doesn't
>accept anything I give it.
Then don't use the -p option to mysqladmin.
It only asks for the password when you tell it to.

>So what am I missing?

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