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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 22 2002 7:32pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Server crash...
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Run myisamchk BEFORE you start the server!

William_dw -- Sqlcoders wrote:

>We're running a 1gz server which crashed around an hour ago and I'm trying
>to find out why,
>it's averaging 60 queries per second according to mysql status and I figure
>that's why the server crashed although it had happily handled 15 million
>questions up to that point.
>Is there a logfile which would tell me what caused mysql to crash? while it
>restarted just fine it did cause some problems (got the nice 'Warning:
>Couldn't save resultset' message on the front page of the website).
>Oh and is there a way to check all tables in a single command with SQL
>instead of using myisamchk? I don't like the idea of using flush tables and
>then running myisamchk with a lag between the two operations for something
>to happen.
>Thanks in advance for any advice,
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