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From:cshepard Date:August 27 1999 6:56pm
Subject:Re: moving database
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On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Thimble Smith wrote:

> At 07:04, 19990827, cshepard wrote:
> >My problem/question is that the auto_inc keys may be missing
> >some numbers due to deletions along the way, so I assume I
> >cannot use SELECT INTO and LOAD DATA or I'll end up with
> >new perfectly sequential auto_inc numbers.  Or is there
> >some way to override the auto increment feature during
> >LOAD DATA?  Didn't see anything in the manual about it.
> In the manual section on "Things that must be done in the real
> near future" you'll find this:
>    * Add an `IMAGE' option to `LOAD DATA INFILE' to not update
>      `TIMESTAMP' and `AUTO_INCREMENT' fields.
> So maybe you could check with developer@stripped and see how
> hard that is, and you could code it up for them.  It doesn't
> sound too difficult....
	Gee, you mean I can't get a refund?  That's the
	problem with OpenSouce projects: If you don't like
	it, you can't're just supposed to go
	fix it yerself.  ;)
> >Hmmmmm. Last minute thought:  Could I in fact, just
> >cp the suckers and then ALTER TABLE ... type=MYISAM?
> >That'd be kewl.  
> That should work.  You'll keep the old copies around as backup,
> right?  :-|
	Worked like a champ!  Whole shebang took under an hour,
	whereas an "application load" would've taken about a week.

	App is now running on RAID1 box, symlinked across three
	mirrors (yeah, yeah, I know alter, drop table, etc.),
	and I'm getting an average 0.5 sec turnaround time on
	queries against a 1.5 million record database.  MySQL
	**IS** quick! 8-D

	Bak-ooop?  How you say, "bak-ooop"?
> Tim

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