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From:Jan Peuker Date:July 22 2002 3:03pm
Subject:Surrounding Rows
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Hi list,

A nut to crack:
I have a medium-sized database(about 1000 rows). The keys contain
zip-address-information. Now I want to get the surrounding persons, e.g.
someone has zip 12345 I would get(now for 4 entries):
| 12340 | personA   |
| 12345 | personB   | <-- I searched for this
| 12345 | personC   |
| 12347 | personD  |
As you see, it's no simple arithmetical question. At the moment I fill an
temptable w/ ids and select then - is there another way?



it would be nice if my sql could execute a query. thank you ezlm.

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