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From:SWagen2167 Date:July 19 2002 8:55pm
Subject:Access Violation Starting MySQL 3.23.49
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When I try to start MySQL 3.23.49 when NOT connected to the Internet, I get 
an access violation at address ffffff. This is when starting with 
winmysqladmin.exe. Once I connect and try starting all is fine. What is the 
problem here? Must you be connected to the Internet to use MySQL? I have 
Personal Web Server running on my machine and assume that would be good 
enough. Please help. I can't keep tying up the phone line every time I need 
to use MySQL. If there is some setting I need to check in the INI file or 
someplace else please let me know what it is. Thanks for your help.


            Steve W.
Access Violation Starting MySQL 3.23.49SWagen216719 Jul
  • Re: Access Violation Starting MySQL 3.23.49Gerald R. Jensen20 Jul