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From:Guy Davis Date:July 19 2002 8:50pm
Subject:Data synchronization between central server and numerous clients?
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I was wondering if anyone had written anything for synchronization of
MySQL databases.  I don't think plain replication will work in this

Basically I'm thinking of an app that runs on a server, but also on a
number of laptops for our field staff.  The laptops are often
disconnected from the Internet and so can't reach the main server, thus
the need for a local version (each with it's own MySQL instance).

Ideally updates made on a laptop would get propagated to the central
server (when the laptop connects again) and then out to the rest of the
laptops.  Data updates can occur on any laptop and on the main server

Any ideas?  Thanks.

sql, mysql, query

Guy Davis    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Data synchronization between central server and numerous clients?Guy Davis19 Jul