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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 18 2002 11:02pm
Subject:Re: Three easy, FAST-REPLY questions re: MySQLGUI
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In the last episode (Jul 18), Andy Fields said:
> Folks,
> On my FreeBSD UNIX/Apache virtual private server (ISP is NTT/Verio), I
> have MySQL-3.23.49 installed with one empty database and password
> created to get me started.
> My desktop "box" is Windows XP Pro.
> I've already downloaded and installed MyODBC 3.51.03 (full package/docs)
> and my MS MDAC is equivalent to version 2.7 RTM (2.20.7713.4), according
> to Microsoft's little self-tester utility.
> So far, the ONLY problem I'm having is with my DSN Configuration with
> the MyODBC 3.51.03 driver as revealed in the following popup message:
> "[MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver] Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)"

Sounds like you forgot to fill in the hostname of the FreeBSD box in
your DSN configuration, and the XP machine is trying to connect to a
server on itself.
> 1. I notice in my Windows Registry and the odbc.ini file that
>    references to myodbc3 are preceded by TWO--sometimes THREE--back
>    slashes like the sample below...
>                     Driver32=C:\WINDOWS\System32\\\myodbc3.dll
>    For whatever technical reasons that multiple back slashes ARE
>    required, HOW MANY should be present before the myodbc file
>    references?

At least one :)  Multiple slashes or backslashes in a path (barring the
\\server\ notation for win32 UNC paths) are always silently compressed
to a single one.

> To "compile" MySQLGUI to help me easily access/configure/use MySQL on
> a FreeBSD Unix/Apache server from Windows XP Pro (dial-up)...
> 2.  WHICH of the following items                  3. In WHAT order do I 
>     MUST I download (i.e., x_YES)? ..and then....    install/configure
> them?

Gah.  The wordwrapping on this "form" is so mangled I cannot bring
myself to even quote it (The "7" column is wrapped, just like "them" in
the paragraph I quoted).  Download the win32 static binary.

	Dan Nelson
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