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From:cshepard Date:August 27 1999 1:04pm
Subject:moving database
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Am moving a database (33 tables, 1.4GB data) from one box
running 3.22.25 with ISAM files to a new box running
3.23.2a with MYISAM files.  IOW, cp over NFS ain't gonna
cut it.  :(

The whole thing is third normal form, using auto increment
integers for the parent/child key.

My problem/question is that the auto_inc keys may be missing
some numbers due to deletions along the way, so I assume I
cannot use SELECT INTO and LOAD DATA or I'll end up with
new perfectly sequential auto_inc numbers.  Or is there
some way to override the auto increment feature during
LOAD DATA?  Didn't see anything in the manual about it.

Is the correct/suggested tactic here to set up my target
tables without auto_inc and then go back and ALTER TABLE
to turn auto_inc back on after the import?  Can that be done?

Also, some of the tables contain BLOBs, so I assume there's
no way to move those other than slinging some code at it
with the "real" calls.  Correct?

TIA.  ;)

Hmmmmm. Last minute thought:  Could I in fact, just
cp the suckers and then ALTER TABLE ... type=MYISAM?
That'd be kewl.  

Chris Shepard - Unix Developer
Rocky Mountain Internet, Inc.
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