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From:Gerald R. Jensen Date:July 17 2002 11:46am
Subject:Re: Need Help with mysqlimport please-urgent!
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Don't use 'root' ... create a new user, and make sure you GRANT the proper
privs (i.e.:
    USE mysql;
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO username@"%" IDENTIFIED BY 'password'

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Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 5:42 AM
Subject: Need Help with mysqlimport please-urgent!

            Here is my problem, I would like to use mysqlimport (which i
have compiled as a batch file to run) from a client side to load data onto
the database on a server side, meaning that I would normally access my
server through the pc and running the batch file. Problem is that there are
no errors but the tables on the server side does not get updated but
instead points to updating my local database, data are loaded into my
tables instead (i have the exact replica database on my own pc). Here is a
sample command line from my batch file

@h:\mysql\bin\MYSQLI~1.EXE --replace --host=host_name --user=root
--fields-terminated-by="," --fields-enclosed-by="\"" --lines-terminated-by
="\r\n" BO h:\mysql\data\BO\outnum

i've mapped h:\ as pointing to the c:\ of my that possible?
[The error relates to 'access denied for @pc_id (i think its the same
network id used for login to a NT domain) to BO database' or at times 'the
mysql does not support this version']

P.S. My table name is outnum which is the same as the file name, MySQL
version is 3.23.51.

What am i doing wrong here? Need help please (could someone guide me what
to do from the very beginning. I need to run mysqlimport as if i'm running
any program from the console itself but only from a remote terminal). To
simplify, what i need here is a way to run mysqlimport from my pc to pump
data into the tables on the MySQL server instead of the data being thrown
in my local  MySQL server.Urgent! Thank you.

Eric Loe.

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