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From:Ralf Narozny Date:July 15 2002 3:23pm
Subject:Re: character occurrence count in MySQL
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The regexp to match only 2 occurences of ';' would be:

regexp '^[^;]*;[^;]*;[^;]*$'

to find the number of ';' I only have an idea for something complicated:

length(<your str>) - length(replace(<your str>,';',''))

StephanieTan wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am looking for a way to count the number of a character occurrences in a
>string with MySQL. For example, I have this string "1;333;72227;00;19;1;1;"
>and I would like to return the number of ";" found in this string. Is this
>Also, I wanted to return fields that contain EXACTLY 2 ";" in the string,
>but with LIKE or REGEXP, it returned everything that has 2 or more ";"
>occurrences. Does anybody have a way to return the exact match?
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