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From:Daniel Kasak Date:July 14 2002 10:28pm
Subject:MyCC-0.8.4 and MySQL-4.0.2
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Hi all.
I just upgraded to MySQL-4.0.2 (great work guys) and noticed that MyCC's 
user administration isn't displaying privileges properly, ie doesn't 
show them at all. (When I say upgrade, I mean a full uninstall & new 
install, and import from mysqldump backups). Granting seems to work OK 
(I think) but anyway I'm a bit scared to use it at the moment...
I assume this is because of the updates to MySQL's grant tables relating 
to the 'create temp table' privileges, but I'm just guessing here.


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MyCC-0.8.4 and MySQL-4.0.2Daniel Kasak15 Jul