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From:Brandon McCombs Date:July 14 2002 9:52pm
Subject:redirect output to a file?
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WIth the way eSKUeL (a PHP app I found on freshmeat) displays query
results in a table, and the way that copying and pasting that data into
a xls or doc file appears I'm hoping to be able to run queries manually
on the mysql prompt and have the output redirected to a file so that I'm
able to more easily print the output because I don't want all the
information that eSKUeL displays on output either (it doesn't make a new
page for results so you can see all the available commands as well and I
don't want those visible when results are printed). Is there a way to
redirect query output to a file? I didn't see anything in the manual
that specified how to do this.

By the way, when I copy and paste the data from the html table that
eSKUeL displays the results in it appears in excel or word such that
each piece of data that was within a cell is put onto a different line
so everything is vertical when pasted, instead of having a full line for
each record. Obviously that isn't useable.

redirect output to a file?Brandon McCombs14 Jul
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