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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 13 2002 7:48pm
Subject:Re: newbie output
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At 6:28 -0400 7/13/02, <tlr7425@stripped> wrote:
>Can anyone translate this for me, please? TIA

This will happen if yu try starting the server from an unprivileged
account that is not the owner of the MySQL data directory.  Try starting
the server from that account.

>Welcome to Darwin!
>[zbase:~] lloyd%  /usr/share/mysql/mysql.server start
>[zbase:~] lloyd% touch: /Users/mysql/Documents/dbs/zbase.err: Permission
>chown: /Users/mysql/Documents/dbs/mbase.err: Permission denied
>Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /Users/mysql/Documents/dbs
>/usr/bin/safe_mysqld: permission denied:
>/Users/mysql/Documents/dbs/mbase.err [229]
>rm: /Users/mysql/Documents/dbs/ Permission denied
>/usr/bin/safe_mysqld: permission denied:
>/Users/mysql/Documents/dbs/zbase.err [235]
>tee: /Users/mysql/Documents/dbs/zbase.err: Permission denied
>020713 06:18:06  mysqld ended
>tee: /Users/mysql/Documents/dbs/zbase.err: Permission denied
>[zbase:~] lloyd% sudo /usr/share/mysql/mysql.server start
>[zbase:~] lloyd% Starting mysqld daemon with databases from
>020713 06:19:24  mysqld ended

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