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From:Brian S. Craigie Date:March 29 1999 2:53pm
Subject:Re: Help: Error 138
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If it's any help, perror tells you the meaning of the error.  You'll
find perror in /usr/local/mysql/bin/ if that's where mysql is installed.

perror 138 on my system returns:

> Not available
> Unsupported extension used for table



Roni Salfati wrote:
> Hi Again
> This still doesn't solve my current problem. I downloaded 3.21.33, and tried
> to repair my corrupted table using the isamchk that comes with it (isamchk
> version 5.6), I still get the 138 problem.
> How can I repair it anyway?
> By the way, I actually did search the manual with the search engine on the
> mysql site (search string: 138), and found nothing.
> Thanks for the help and sorry for the trouble
> Roni
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