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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 12 2002 8:28pm
Subject:Re: Error: undefined symbol "strtoll"
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In the last episode (Jul 12), Robert Boyd Skipper said:
> I've written a Perl application that works fine with MySQL as installed 
> in my Windose system, but causes MySQL to restart when I run it on my 
> FreeBSD version.  I've narrowed it down to  one script where the 
> problem seems to recur, but that script is pretty long. I will send it, 
> if that will help, but I'm hoping that someone can just point me at 
> someplace to start looking.
> The precompiled version of MySQL I installed is
> mysql-3.23.51-unknown-freebsdelf4.6-i386.
> The version of FreeBSD I'm running is FreeBSD 4.1.1-RELEASE (GENEREIC)
> The version of perl is 5.005_03
> The version of is DBI-1.28
> The version of the Msql-Mysql-modules is 1.2219, but only MySQL is
> installed.
> There were no installation errors, and other scripts seem to work fine. 
> The error log entry reads:
> ----------------Start log excerpt-------------------
> /usr/libexec/
> /usr/home/mysqladm/mysql-3.23.51-unknown-freebsdelf4.6-i386/bin/mysqld: Undefined symbol
> "strtoll"
> 020712 14:12:05  mysqld restarted
> /usr/home/mysqladm/mysql-3.23.51-unknown-freebsdelf4.6-i386/bin/mysqld: ready for
> connections
> ----------------End log excerpt----------------------
> The script that causes the problem is in my cgi-bin directory, and is 
> called by a dynamically generated html page from another script.  When 
> I  run the script, this message is returned to my browser, "Lost 
> connection to MySQL server during query."
> Thanks in advance for any clues,

You might want to consider upgrading your FreeBSD to 4.6.  Pthreads
were a bit unstable in the early 4.* releases.  You may be hitting a
bug that has been fixed since then.  I'm also a bit confused about the
strtoll error; that's usually a fatal error, but mysqld apparently
started up anyway.

	Dan Nelson
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