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From:Robert Boyd Skipper Date:July 12 2002 7:51pm
Subject:Error: undefined symbol "strtoll"
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I've written a Perl application that works fine with MySQL as installed 
in my Windose system, but causes MySQL to restart when I run it on my 
FreeBSD version.  I've narrowed it down to  one script where the 
problem seems to recur, but that script is pretty long. I will send it, 
if that will help, but I'm hoping that someone can just point me at 
someplace to start looking.

The precompiled version of MySQL I installed is mysql-3.23.51-unknown-
The version of FreeBSD I'm running is FreeBSD 4.1.1-RELEASE (GENEREIC)
The version of perl is 5.005_03
The version of is DBI-1.28
The version of the Msql-Mysql-modules is 1.2219, but only MySQL is 

There were no installation errors, and other scripts seem to work fine. 
The error log entry reads:
----------------Start log excerpt-------------------
/usr/libexec/ /usr/home/mysqladm/mysql-3.23.51-unknown-
freebsdelf4.6-i386/bin/mysqld: Undefined symbol "strtoll"

020712 14:12:05  mysqld restarted

ready for connections
----------------End log excerpt----------------------

The script that causes the problem is in my cgi-bin directory, and is 
called by a dynamically generated html page from another script.  When 
I  run the script, this message is returned to my browser, "Lost 
connection to MySQL server during query."

Thanks in advance for any clues,

Robert Boyd Skipper, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
St. Mary's University
San Antonio, Texas  78228

Error: undefined symbol "strtoll"Robert Boyd Skipper12 Jul
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