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From:Sasha Pachev Date:August 27 1999 5:06am
Subject:Re: Corrupted indices w/ MySQL
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David Hoff wrote:
> I guess it's easier than trying to actually learn something! I keep trying
> to tell him that there is nothing I could possibly do through SQL that
> should corrupt an index, and that a server shouldn't die doing fairly basic
> SQL, but he's pretty convinced. Anyway, enough venting...
> Unfortunately, I don't know exactly how it was built, but I believe that we
> are using native threads. I guess I'm not being particularly helpful, but I
> was hoping someone would recognize the problem from the symptoms. I think my
> best bet is to try setting up a machine myself and see if I can get
> something working. If it still repro, then I'll at least be able to provide
> all of the details. Thanks! --David Hoff
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> >From: Paul DuBois <paul@stripped>
> >To: "David Hoff" <dhoff@stripped>, mysql@stripped
> >Subject: Re: Corrupted indices w/ MySQL
> >Date: Tue, Aug 24, 1999, 7:56 PM
> >
> >At 7:48 PM -0700 8/24/99, David Hoff wrote:
> >>I have a Website which is using a MySQL server 3.22.25 on an Intel dual
> >>processor FreeBSD 3.2 machine. The MySQL server is extremely unstable, and
> >>is constantly corrupting indices. A fairly light load will cause the MySQL
> >>server to rise dramatically, and then it is no longer responsive. I'm fairly
> >>new to Unix and MySQL, but I have experience on other DBMSs. We have a
> >>server admin, but he doesn't know MySQL or databases at all, and is
> >>convinced that I'm causing these problems somehow! Has anybody seen any
> >>problems like this with MySQL server? Any suggestions? Thanks! --David Hoff
> >
> >Yeah, blame the user.
> >
> >If your admin doesn't know anything about MySQL or databases, then he has no
> >evidence for or against the proposition that you're at fault.
> >
> >
> >How was MySQL built?  Does it use MIT threads or FreeBSD's native
> >threads?
> >
> >--
> >Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
> >

How about this:

If he can reproduce the problem himself, then he has a point - otherwise
he does not know what he is talking about and should drop the argument
not to make a fool of himself. In the meantime, change your ISP. A plug
for our place - . We are far from perfect,
but trying to make things better. 

Sasha Pachev
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