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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 12 2002 1:46pm
Subject:Re: Problem dealing with load data
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The server must be able to read the file, and since the server normally 
runs as the user 'mysql',
it will not be able to read files sitting in root's home directory.
Put the file in /tmp, and make it readable by others.

Sofiane FAESSEL wrote:

> hello everybody
> I have a problem using mysql and the load data infile command. i have 
> all my data in a text file tabulated and using load data as it is 
> documented i receive this message
> "ERROR 13: Can't get stat of '/root/essai.txt' (Errcode: 13)"
> here is the command i use
> mysql> load data infile '/root/essai.txt' into table essai;
> i'm connected as root user essai is a table containing an integer 
> field and one varchar field (just for trying before uploading my 
> datas) using mysql import return the same problem and this on two 
> different machines using mandrake 8.2 and redhat 7.3 with mysql 3.23.49
> thank you for your help
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