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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 12 2002 1:29pm
Subject:Re: Permissions problem
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Since -p=""  is not valid syntax, it should not work.
There is no equal sign after the -p, and no space between the p and the 
password which needs no quotes.
If you have no password leave out the -p  option.

Derek Fountain wrote:

>I have a server running 3.23.41 on Redhat 7.1. The problem is that I can't 
>access a database as a local user, but I can as a remote user. That is, on 
>the local machine I get this:
>>/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u tpdb -p="" create fred
>/usr/bin/mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
>error: 'Access denied for user: 'tpdb@localhost' (Using password: YES)'
>whereas if I access the machine from another Linux box:
>>/usr/bin/mysqladmin -h lowenbrau -u tpdb -p="" create fred
>it works. If I do it as the MySQL root user on the local machine that works 
>OK. I assume something's wrong with my local tpdb user.
>The permissions are set as follows (after a lot of faffing about - I'm not 
>suggesting these are optimal settings, or the ones I should have):
>localhost root "" <all Ys>
> root "" <all Ys>
> tpdb "" <all Ys>
>% tpdb "" <all Ys>
>localhost tpdb "" <all Ys>
>I've reloaded (and actually restarted) the server, but it won't play. There's 
>nothing in the db table except a couple of "test" database entries.
>I'm reading up on security issues, but I have someone waiting on this, so if 
>anyone could give me a pointer as to what I've done wrong, I'd much 
>appreciate it.

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