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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 11 2002 6:20pm
Subject:Re: what's the deal?
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In the last episode (Jul 11), daniel said:
> i'm just wondering why when i hit 'reply' to a message on this list,
> that it goes to the individual sender, and not the list itself. 
> doesn't that defeat the purpose of a mailing list?  aren't all
> responses to a post supposed to be threaded on the list rather than
> stored in the original sender's mailbox?

Your mailer should have a "group-reply" or "reply to all recipients"
button; use that for list traffic.
> (this also makes filtering mail a pain in the ass too btw).

Filter on the "List-ID: <>" header, or if you mailer
cannot filter on arbitrary fields, filter on To: mysql@stripped
or CC: mysql@stripped.  That's not nearly as accurate at the
List-ID: header though.

> also after sending one message to the list, i received 3
> autoresponders from people who've gone on vacation and left their
> computers to reply with a cute little message.

Those autoresponders are broken; They should not reply to "Precedence:
bulk" mail, and they should reply to the envelope sender, not the From:
	Dan Nelson

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