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From:daniel Date:July 11 2002 5:28pm
Subject:what's the deal?
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i'm just wondering why when i hit 'reply' to a message on this list, that it
goes to the individual sender, and not the list itself.  doesn't that defeat
the purpose of a mailing list?  aren't all responses to a post supposed to
be threaded on the list rather than stored in the original sender's mailbox?

(this also makes filtering mail a pain in the ass too btw).

is this intentional?

after sending one message to the list,
i received 3 autoresponders from people who've gone on vacation
and left their computers to reply with a cute little message.

the list does however have that nifty spam filter
that checks for both sql and query,
and kudos to the guys (girls?) who thought of that.

if posting to this list incurrs the filling of one's inbox with crap that
doesn't apply to them, (s)he would be less inclined to participate right?

just a thought.

daniel a. g. quinn
starving programmer

we are one
  - g'kar, babylon 5 "paragon of animals"

what's the deal?daniel11 Jul
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