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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 27 1999 2:12am
Subject:Re: Can't set tmpdir
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At 5:06 PM -0500 8/26/99, Brandon Shuey wrote:
>I startup my mysqld  Ver 3.22.22 for sun-solaris2.6 on sparc with the
>following script:
>/bin/safe_mysqld -O tmp_table_size=96M -O key_buffer=24M -O table_cache=96
>-O sort_buffer=4M -O record_buffer=1M  &
>However, i can't figure out the correct syntax for setting my tmpdir to
>the /opt2/tmp directory
>I have tried:
>/bin/safe_mysqld -O tmp_table_size=96M -O key_buffer=24M -O table_cache=96
>-O sort_buffer=4M -O record_buffer=1M -O tmpdir=/opt2/tmp
>but get this response:
># Starting mysqld daemon with databases from
>mysqld daemon ended
>What is the trick?

According to mysqld --help, one of of the command line options is

  -t, --tmpdir=path     Path for temporary files

Try that and see if it helps.

You can tell that the tmp dir pathname isn't something you can
set with -O from the mysqld --help message, too, because it lists
what -O applies to:

Possible variables for option --set-variable (-O) are:
back_log              current value: 5
connect_timeout       current value: 5
delayed_insert_timeout  current value: 300
delayed_insert_limit  current value: 100
delayed_queue_size    current value: 1000
flush_time            current value: 0
join_buffer_size      current value: 131072
key_buffer_size       current value: 8388600
long_query_time       current value: 10
max_allowed_packet    current value: 1048576
max_connections       current value: 100
max_connect_errors    current value: 10
max_delayed_threads   current value: 20
max_heap_table_size   current value: 16777216
max_join_size         current value: 4294967295
max_sort_length       current value: 1024
max_tmp_tables        current value: 32
net_buffer_length     current value: 16384
query_buffer_size     current value: 0
record_buffer         current value: 131072
sort_buffer           current value: 2097144
table_cache           current value: 64
tmp_table_size        current value: 1048576
thread_stack          current value: 65536
wait_timeout          current value: 28800

There's nothing in there for setting a tmp dir pathname.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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