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From:Mark Matthews Date:July 10 2002 4:54pm
Subject:Re: Bug with AUTO_INCREMENT
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Steve Hay wrote:
| Thomas Spahni wrote:
|> Steve,
|> I tried your example on MyIsam tables; no problems with auto_increment at
|> all, except for a few
|> ERROR 1040: Too many connections
|> when 100 scripts are inserting concurrently at full speed.
|> Thomas
| I've tried the same myself on MyISAM tables as well now, and I also
| found that there is no problem - it only seems to happen using BDB tables.
| However, I need to use BDB tables rather than MyISAM to get transaction
| support, which is required by the software that I'm working on.
| In fact, it seems that BDB tables work too if the transaction support is
| not used, i.e. set AUTOCOMMIT=1 and don't bother with explicit COMMIT
| statements.
| Maybe MySQL has a problem with AUTO_INCREMENT when used with transactions?

Is there a reason you can't use InnoDB tables? They are
transaction-capable, and they have a lot more active development on them
than BDB. They also support AUTO_INCREMENT.


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