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From:Steve Hay Date:July 10 2002 3:59pm
Subject:Re: Bug with AUTO_INCREMENT
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Thomas Spahni wrote:

>I tried your example on MyIsam tables; no problems with auto_increment at
>all, except for a few
>ERROR 1040: Too many connections
>when 100 scripts are inserting concurrently at full speed.
I've tried the same myself on MyISAM tables as well now, and I also 
found that there is no problem - it only seems to happen using BDB tables.

However, I need to use BDB tables rather than MyISAM to get transaction 
support, which is required by the software that I'm working on.

In fact, it seems that BDB tables work too if the transaction support is 
not used, i.e. set AUTOCOMMIT=1 and don't bother with explicit COMMIT 

Maybe MySQL has a problem with AUTO_INCREMENT when used with transactions?

- Steve

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