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From:Roni Salfati Date:March 29 1999 1:04pm
Subject:Re: Help: Error 138
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Hi Again

This still doesn't solve my current problem. I downloaded 3.21.33, and tried
to repair my corrupted table using the isamchk that comes with it (isamchk
version 5.6), I still get the 138 problem.
How can I repair it anyway?

By the way, I actually did search the manual with the search engine on the
mysql site (search string: 138), and found nothing.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the trouble


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From: Ed Carp <erc@stripped>
To: Roni Salfati <ronis@stripped>; mysql <mysql@stripped>
Date: Monday, March 29, 1999 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: Help: Error 138

>>>I am using mysql version 3.21.31 on Linux. I have a C program which reads
>>>and writes it every once and a while.
>>>At some point I started getting an error: "Can't open file:
>>>'connections.ISM'. (errno: 138)"
>>>I shutdown mysql and then tried to examine/repair the table 'connections'
>>>with isamchk (-r -ro -s -a) but failed with the same errno (138).
>Ah, the benefits of reading the manual:
>> 19.4.2 Changes in release 3.21.32
>> Fixed some possible race conditions when doing many reopen/close on the
>same tables under heavy load! > This can happen if you execute mysqladmin
>refresh often. This could in some very rare cases corrupt the
>> header of the index file and cause error 126 or 138.
>I found this in less than 5 minutes of work.  Please be considerate of the
>time of others on the list by RTFM before posting.  Thanks!

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