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From:Francisco Reinaldo Date:July 5 2002 2:55pm
Subject:Re: Need Help with mysqlimport please-urgent!
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I am not sure if I understand your issue, but if the
tables have been updated in the local computer is
because you did not connect to the server. With
mysqlimport you can specify the host (-h), the user
name and password.

I think that you should use something like:


Make user that the user has rights to connect to that

Good luck!
--- ericloe@stripped wrote:
> Hello,
>             Here is my problem, I would like to use
> mysqlimport (which i
> have compiled as a batch file to run) from a client
> side to load data onto
> the database on a server side, meaning that I would
> normally access my
> server through the pc and running the batch file.
> Problem is that there are
> no errors but the tables on the server side does not
> get updated but
> instead points to updating my local database, data
> are loaded into my
> tables instead (i have the exact replica database on
> my own pc). Here is a
> sample command line from my batch file
> @h:\mysql\bin\MYSQLI~1.EXE --replace --local
> --fields-terminated-by=","
> --fields-enclosed-by="\""
> --lines-terminated-by="\r\n" BO h:
> \mysql\data\BO\outnum
> i've mapped h:\ as pointing to the c:\ of my
> that possible?
> Also if i specify --local i think that would be the
> issue.however if i
> remove the --local then i get an error saying
> something like 'this mysql
> version does not support or something like that'
> P.S. My table name is outnum which is the same as
> the file name, MySQL
> version is 3.23.51.
> What am i doing wrong here? Need help please (could
> someone guide me what
> to do from the very beginning. I need to run
> mysqlimport as if i'm running
> any program from the console itself but only from a
> remote terminal).
> Urgent! Thank you.
> Regards,
> Eric Loe.
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