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From:Bert VdB Date:July 3 2002 9:05am
Subject:RE: SHOW TABLE STATUS & InnoDB Tables
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From the manual :

Note that the statistics SHOW gives about InnoDB tables are only
approximate: they are used in SQL optimization. Table and index reserved
sizes in bytes are accurate, though. 


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From: Crercio O. Silva [mailto:cos@stripped]
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 01:51
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Subject: BUG: SHOW TABLE STATUS & InnoDB Tables


I have just noticed that SHOW TABLE STATUS is returning different number of
rows each time you execute the query. This seams to affect only InnoDB
Tables (Although I have tested only with ISAM/MyISAM/InnoDB Tables).
I'm using MySQL 3.23.49Max on WIN2K.

How to repeat the problem:

Execute the statement SHOW TABLE STATUS many times. In some times (not all)
it will return different number of rows for the same table.
Have anyone else experienced this with other versions?

PS: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table is working just fine, but on InnoDB tables
with large number of rows (my tables have -+ 300000 records each) it take a
few seconds to get the results.
This is not a big issue for me, but I'd like to confirm that.



Crercio O. Silva

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