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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:July 2 2002 2:35pm
Subject:Re: MAX vs plain vanilla mysql
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I have to correct: if you put


to your my.cnf, then -Max uses only about 1.5 MB more memory than plain
MySQL, because of a larger executable.

MyISAM tables in -Max are as reliable as in plain MySQL. It is the same
source code.

Best regards,

Innobase Oy

Monday, July 01, 2002, 9:26:49 AM, you wrote:

PA> Probably a stupid question, but which is best to have on ones server,
PA> the "old" mysql, or max. I.O.W, if you install MAX and never use innodb
PA> or berkeley tables, will it be equivalent to a normal mysql installation
PA> wrt performance and stability?
PA> I'm asking from an ISP's point of view, if that makes any difference (
PA> obviously if from developer it will depend on the needs of the app..)

MySQL-Max binary is larger. It takes a lot more memory and  it is useless
usage of InnoDB and/or BDB.

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