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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 29 2002 7:18pm
Subject:Re: InnoDB RAW devices under Solaris?
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At 15:01 -0400 6/29/02, Lou Picciano / Essex Systems wrote:
>RE: MySQL 4.01-max, InnoDB, Solaris, Raw device support
>Has anyone had any specific experience implementing an InnoDB tablespace
>under Sparc Solaris?
>A specific few lines in my.cnf would be very helpful...
>As we are using a SparcStorage Array, our device pathnames look something
>Innodb_data_file_path=/dev/rdsk/c1t4d0s7:1Gnewraw   (OR)
>Either of these options gives us an operating system error number 2 ...
>Are there specific Solaris slices we should be using??  Can't find any docs
>on this.
>Please note: using 'standard' InnoDB filespaces, everyting works AOK...
>Any help is appreciated.

innodb_data_file_path is interpreted relative to (i.e., is textually
concatentated to) innodb_data_home_dir.  You might want to set the
latter to / and remove / from the _path values.


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