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From:z Date:June 28 2002 8:34pm
Subject:Re: DATE_FORMAT()
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On Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:29:35 -0800, Jason Soza wrote:
>I have a table with a 'birthdate' column, stored in DATE format,
>I want queries of this table to present the birthdate in MMMM DD,
>format. I know how to do DATE_FORMAT('2002-06-29', '%M %e, %Y'), but
>I can't
>figure out how to work that into my SQL. I've tried SELECT *,
>DATE_FORMAT('birthdate', '%M %e, %y') FROM table, and variations
>The manual doesn't really give good examples of how to do this...
>Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!
>Jason Soza
try  SELECT DATE_FORMAT(birthdate, '%M %e, %y') formatedDate FROM table

formattedDate should contain the information you want 
-- this can be any thing.. you are just giving a name that points to the data


z, admin@stripped on 06/28/2002

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