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From:Gerald Clark Date:June 28 2002 1:21pm
Subject:Re: multiple master mysql servers
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Actually, you can have a problem with any unique key.
Both machines could inset new records with the same unique key
at nearly the same time, then both  later fail on the replication.

Jeremy Zawodny wrote:

>On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 06:52:36AM -0700, Zachary Denison wrote:
>>I have setup successfully a mysql master / slave configuration
>>however I would like to setup a system whereby updates could be
>>performed on either system and then propagated to the other server
>>(a master/master configuration) -- is this possible with mysql 4, or
>>has anyone built any hacks to make this possible?
>You'll run into trouble if you're using auto-increment fields.
>Otherwise, it is possible to do.

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