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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 25 1999 11:49pm
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At 18:27, 19990825, Sanchez Diaz Sonia <sony@ wrote:
> Well, thanks to this list I could fix my problem, but I have a doubt, I
>need to create a Database which restore more or less 20000 records.
> My questions are: How can I give a size to the Database???? and Which is
>the maximum size for it????

Sanchez, this will be no problem.  You can easily have tables with
millions of rows using MySQL.  So having only 20,000 rows is not a

Tables are stored as files.  MySQL can handle tables that are up to
4G, as long as your OS handles files that large.

You can determine how big a table will be by adding up the sizes for
each column in the table, then multiplying that by the number of rows
you have.  You do not need to tell MySQL how big your table will be.
You only tell it what columns you need, and what type each column is.
MySQL handles the rest.

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