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From:Gerald Clark Date:June 27 2002 7:44pm
Subject:Re: mysql & /var dir
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shutdown the mysqld, move the data direectory,
and set up a symbolic link.

Rahadul Kabir wrote:

>I have MySQL3.23.47 running on a Cobalt RaQ4 System.  The mysql
>installed datadir turned out to be /var/lib/mysql. /var directory has
>it's own partition (/dev/hda3) and total space available is 194MB. As My
>databases are growing and I'm out of space now on the /var directory.
>I am thinking I need to change the datadir variable to somewhere on the
>/home directory, where I have > 25GB free. How can I achieve this?  Or
>is this the right approach?  Please provide some solution as details as
>possible, as I'm new into this stuff.
>Thanks so much.
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