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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 25 1999 8:36pm
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First of all, please use a correct e-mail address when sending messages
to the list, if you want people to respond to you!

At 14:22, 19990825, Sanchez Diaz Sonia wrote:
>It is the first time I install mysql, but I had a problem with it because
>I can not access with the next option:
>mysql -h name_my_host -u root -p
>Enter passwd:XXXXXXXXX
>But after I introduce it, the next message appears in my screen:
>ERROR 1130: Host '' is not allowed to connect to this
>MySQL server

Sanchez, you need to connect as a user that has access to change the
MySQL privilege tables.  Usually the user 'root' can do that.  Try
to connect like this:

$ mysql -u root -p mysql
Enter password: XXXXXXXX

If you connect that way, then you can modify the privileges according
to the manual.  Look at the section describing the GRANT command - you
will find examples there which should help you get started.

If you can not connect, still, then you should restart the mysqld program
by hand, and use the -Sg flag:

# /usr/local/mysql/sbin/mysqld -Sg

The -Sg flag makes mysqld not check permissions, so ANYONE can connect
to the database and make any changes.  So only use this to fix the
permissions table, and then shut down the server and restart it normally.

NOTICE:  after you change the permissions using the GRANT statement, you
need to issue a FLUSH PRIVILEGES command for it to take affect.  If you
don't do FLUSH PRIVILEGES, the changes you made won't make any difference.

If you still can't get things working, send us all of the information in
the mysql database (mysql.user, mysql.db,, etc. tables), and
we should be able to find the problem.


>But if I enter to mysql without the options -h and -u appears I can
>connect with successfull, but if I tried to create a table the next
>error appears:
>ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database 'uno'
>Someone can help me!!!!
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