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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 25 1999 7:53pm
Subject:Re: Please help quit urgent ...
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At 23:50, 19990825, christopher wrote:
>IF I use mysql -h localhost.localdomain -u root -p
>everything is fine

Chris, this means that your MySQL is not using Unix sockets.  Probably
this is because it was compiled to use the MIT-threads library, and not
your native threads.  This has been covered in the mailing list recently.
Here's a summary:

Either always supply the host name when connecting, or get a version of
MySQL that uses Unix threads.  On Linux you should be using LinuxThreads.
On FreeBSD you should be using libc_r (native kernel threads).  The
MySQL manual has FULL instructions on this in the "Installation" section.

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