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From:Christian Mack Date:August 25 1999 7:01pm
Subject:Re: Win32 password error
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Jason wrote:
> Hi all...
> I have a newbie question:
> I am getting the error:
> C:\MYSQL\BIN\MYSQLA~1.EXE: unable to change password; error: 'parse error
> near '
> SQL_OPTION password='3b31a681644c83b5'' at line 1'
> when I execute the command : mysql -u root password mypassword
> I am trying to follow the directions in the MySQL documentation. Anyone know
> why this is blowing up?
> Thanks,.
> -jason

Hi Jason

I assume you use the trial/shareware version of mysql.
This one is a mysql 3.21.29.
The above mysqladmin command showed up in 3.22.xx.
So you can't use it with the trial/shareware version.


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