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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 25 2002 4:06pm
Subject:Re: thousands of binary log files
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At 16:31 +0200 6/25/02, Gary Colman wrote:
>Every few seconds, my mysql server generates a new binary log file
>with an incremented id number "${hostname}-bin.xxxxx"
>According to the logs, this should happen only when a reload or flush
>type command is issued ...
>mysql variables:
>flush		off
>log_bin		on
>max_binlog_size	1073741824
>version		4.0.1-alpha-Max-log
>It is running on an i386 running RedHat Linux 6.2
>Any ideas, anyone ??

If you turn on general query logging, the query log may tell you
if and when reload or flush commands are issued and where they're

Maybe there's an out-of-control cron job running.

>Many thanks
>   Gary

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