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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 25 2002 2:51pm
Subject:Re: environment variable ...
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At 15:14 +0200 6/25/02, Julien OIX wrote:
>hi everyone,
>I have the line "no-auto-rehash" in my /etc/my.cnf ( [mysql] section of
>the global config file)
>and I'd like to use completion with the command-line tool ...
>I think I can overwrite this parameter within a .my.cnf.
>what do I have to write in the ~user/.my.cnf to use completion ?
>I tried in the [mysql] section:
>and it tells me " mysql: option non reconnue `--auto-rehash' "
>and 		" mysql: option non reconnue `--rehash'	     "
>the only way I found is to type 'rehash' everytime I connect, but not
>very good ...
>the manual tells: "One has to use rehash to get table and field
>completion ...."

mysql has an --auto-rehash option, but only as of MySQL 4.0.2.

What has this to do with "environment variable"?

>Thanks in advance.
>Julien OIX
>Service Informatique de Gestion
>Tél: 02 40 99 83 65
>mailto: julien.oix@stripped
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