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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 25 2002 2:55am
Subject:Re: Inserting images (not the location of the images)
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At 18:36 -0700 6/24/02, Emma Grant wrote:
>Hi All,
>        First of all I want to thank you all for all the help that 
>you have given me throughout the last week.
>        I have learnt a great deal, and through your help and the 
>resources on the interenet I have successfully been able to create 
>and connect to a database through MySQL on Linux. Create a user for 
>that database. Inserted and updated values on the command line, and 
>I have learnt to insert, update and view the data from the database 
>through web form using CGI. (Thanks to those who taught me how to 
>check for errors in my scripts)
>Just to think, I didn’Äôt even know how to access MySQL last Thursday
> ’ò†
>But as you expected, here comes my question;
>I need to be able to insert images into the database through a FILE 
>FIELD on a web form. I have already tried this through a simple form 
>that I created, but it only inserts the actual location (eg 
>C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktoppersonal.jpg) of the 
>file that I am browsing for on my computer. Is there some sort of 
>syntax that I have to use that converts the image to binary as it 
>gets ’Äúinserted’Äù into the database, and then can be read
> by any 
>program (ie, web browsers) as an image when I select it again from 
>the database through a SELECT query?

This really can't be answered without more context.  You'll do this with
some kind of web script, but what scripting language are you using?

>Why would I do this you ask? (read on if you are interested) ’ò†
>I know that many of you are about to tell me to store the images on 
>my server, and reference the location from my database field. As I 
>have read many times throughout my research. But I want the ability 
>for the user to choose the images they want in a database from the 
>form field. I don’Äôt want them to have to use a FTP program to 
>upload images, and then insert the image location. I want it to be a 
>one-stop form. That is part of my project. So if anyone can help, 
>that would be great.

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