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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 21 2002 2:59am
Subject:RE: Check for DBI support
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At 19:36 -0700 6/20/02, Emma Grant wrote:
>Thanks for your help.
>I tried to run both the commands that you gave me on the command line. I
>got the following message back from the shell:
>Superuser must not run /usr/bin/perldoc without security audit and taint
>Do you know what this means?

It means you shouldn't run perldoc as root.

Run it as a normal unprivileged user.

You're not *really* running routine commands as root are you?

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>Subject: Re: Check for DBI support
>At 18:51 -0700 6/20/02, Emma Grant wrote:
>>Hey all,
>>I have decided to go with CGI for my programming language. Reason being
>>is that I know it a tiny bit better then I do PHP.
>>Does anyone know a command line command (?) to find out if I have a DBI
>>for mysql support installed?
>% perldoc DBI
>% perldoc DBD::mysql
>If these work, they're installed.
>>I am attempting to connect to a mysql database using a quick CGI
>>and then I am going to attempt to do the same thing on a web page.
>>now when I run the script that I have, which I got from many different
>>sources from the net, the error that the script gives me (not the die
>>error that I can't connect to the database), is telling me that I am
>>using a 'Bareword' where and 'operator' is expected. So I assumed that
>>it does not understand 'use DBI'
>Hard to say w/o seeing your code.  But I'd guess it's not what
>you're thinking.
>>Thanks for any feed back
>  >Emma

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