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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 28 1999 7:52pm
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>>>>> "Van" == Van  <vanboers@stripped> writes:

Van> Is this list working?  I haven't seen anything since this morning.  Just
Van> me?
Van> Van


We have had some trouble with the MySQL mailing list since we moved
this to a Linux computer a couple of weeks ago;  The problem is that
after a while the Ethernet card driver will loose the connection to
the world.  We are not sure where the problem is, but it may be a
hardware/driver problem.  We will probably move the list to some other
hardware during next week.  Until this, we have fixed this by adding a 
simple perl script that will automaticly reboot the computer when it
notes that the Ethernet card isn't working anymore...

SilenceVan28 Mar
  • SilenceMichael Widenius29 Mar