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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 19 2002 2:00pm
Subject:Re: MySQL INSERT even if value is UNIQUE
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At 15:46 +0200 6/19/02, Anton wrote:
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>Good Day
>I have a table that has fields set as Unique, this is great when users
>enter on a form and I don't care if their records don't make it to the
>Db if it is in the Db already, However.... Sometimes I want to upload a
>text file and using PHP insert the list into the Db , now when I get to
>a line that exist in this unique column already then the process stops
>with an error. How can I have a uunique record but that will simply skip
>that line and continue reading the rest of the file and inserting
>records. ?

If you're using LOAD DATA, use the IGNORE keyword.


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