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From:??? Date:June 19 2002 2:51am
Subject:RE: Binary update log & how to disable ?
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Maybe you have my.cnf file in your computer. That can be under
/etc or you home directory. In that file there may be text like this.

# Try number of CPU's*2 for thread_concurrency
set-variable    = thread_concurrency=8
set-variable    = myisam_sort_buffer_size=64M
server-id       = 1

You must disable log-bin.
To disable just put # in front of log-bin like
Then stop the mysql daemon and restart. You will never binary update log

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Subject: Binary update log & how to disable ?

Hi list,

just a tiny question, i use mysql 3.23.51 ( tar.gz binary ) under linux.
All is fine, mysql is started without a problem ...

020618 14:28:04  mysqld started
/usr/local/mysql-3.23.51/bin/mysqld: ready for connections

I can see in /usr/local/mysql-3.23.51 some files like :

I assume that it's the binary update log, but i haven't that with my old

So please, how can i disable this log ??


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Binary update log & how to disable ?David BORDAS18 Jun
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